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Jasper Hotel Facilities

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For your convenience, our guest compendium is designed to provide you with all the information you may need during your stay at Jasper Hotel.  Please familiarise yourself with the contents which we hope will be useful, during you stay.   Please feel free to speak with our dedicated guest services team, should you require any further information.  

The following categories of information are contained within our guest compemendium: 


  • Hotel contact information
  • Hotel layout
  • Guest services
  • Food and beverage options
  • Meetings and Events
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Essential Information
  • Hotel Policies
  • Transport
  • Air Conditioning Control Guide
  • Screen mirroring options (TV)
Map of Queen Victoria Market carpark used at Jasper Hotel

Hotel Parking

Guest parking is not available onsite at Jasper Hotel, however, the hotel has formed a partnership with Queen Victoria Market Undercover Car Park, located at 456 Queen Street. 


  • 456 Queen Street, Queen Victoria Market - Undercover Car Park
  • Entering the car park.  No ticket is required, as licence plate recognition is used.  
  • Jasper Hotel guests are only permitted to use the Munro underground car park on levels on B3 and B4. 
  • Exiting the car park.  Scan parking voucher as provided by the hotel. 

Vouchers are available from the Jasper Hotel reception desk for guests staying in-house, which will apply a preferred discount to your parking rates. QVM Car Park is a public parking facility and does not provide a security service. Enquiries regarding parking should be directed to QVM Car Park. Jasper Hotel does not accept responsibility or liability for car park operations. Parking is carried out at the driver’s/owner’s own risk.  Ensure your vehicle is locked and valuables are not left in the vehicle. For further information about parking and rates, please speak to guest services at Jasper Hotel.  

Open area Courtyard with tables & chairs at Jasper Hotel

Transport Options Near the Hotel

Jasper Hotel is ideally located with several transport options available.

Taxi Tram Train
Taxi's can be booked by the hotel reception at any time, they can also make bookings for the future. Please contact them if you wish to book a taxi Several trams reach the city from various north and northwestern suburbs including routes 19, 57, 59  that travel along Elizabeth Street stopping outside Jasper Hotel. Trams on Elizabeth Street connect with most other services from Melbourne’s outer suburbs. Jasper hotel is also reachable using the Free Tram Zone. Catch any service into the city centre via the City Loop. Depart at Melbourne Central Station and take the Elizabeth Street exit to the corner of Latrobe and Elizabeth Streets. Walk 200 metres north along Elizabeth Street to Jasper Hotel, located on the left hand side over Franklin Street just before Therry Street.